TOP 15 Thermoses for Tea and Food

100 years ago, William Stanley Junior invented the all-steel thermos. A century later, this device continues to serve mankind faithfully, with virtually no changes in design.

#1 1.5 litre Penguin with two mugs

Autumn and winter, sub-zero temperatures and the desire for something hot to drink lie ahead. Penguin thermoses keep water at 65-70 °C after 12 hours, one of the highest temperatures on the market for thermoses of this capacity. This is made possible by the copper-nickel-coated vacuum flask. The vacuum has zero thermal conductivity, making it the ideal filler to keep the contents warm. The body of the thermos is made of stainless steel, which is not affected by scratches, chipping and corrosion. You can take Penguin with you on camping trips, picnics and also in your everyday life – for example, when you are walking around town with your beloved.

Comes with a strap on the quick-release fasteners for easy carrying over the shoulder. Weight 940g.

The outer lid of the thermos converts into two 150ml and 230ml mugs. Unscrew the inner flap by a quarter turn to pour out the liquid.

Thanks to the large opening of 77 mm, not only tea and coffee can be stored inside, but also liquid foods such as cereal. What’s more, you can even boil soup in the thermos if necessary!

#2 Japanese Zojirushi Tuff Sports 1.5 and 2 litre

It’s expensive, but it’s a genuine thermos from a Japanese company that has been specialising in this kind of product since 1918. Back then it was hand-blown glass thermos flasks, but now it’s the highest quality steel thermoses and other household products. The Zojirushi Tuff Sports model holds 1.5L (there is also a 2L version), is coated on the inside with a special inert coating to easily wash out leftover juices and other liquids, and itself weighs 972g. It comes with a removable strap and the lid is a cup. To pour from the thermos, all you have to do is press the button on top – handy.

This brand has very good fittings. Probably the best on the market. The hinged lid opens on a spring-loaded spiral, the ‘Pour’ button throws out a concealed spout. Incidentally, the well-to-do Chinese prefer this particular brand. A Chinese man and a thermos are like two twin brothers, always together.

One BUT: unlike the above-mentioned Penguin, it is impossible to pour soup and porridge in Zojirushi, because the valve would get clogged. And cleaning it is a real hassle. Besides it is four times more expensive.

#3 Steel Stanley Classic

The classic Stanley Classic stainless steel thermos flask with a capacity of 1.1 or 1.3 litres – exactly as the original looked 100 years ago. There is a spirit of adventure in it – how many troubles these steel vessels have been in, how many lives have been saved, how many liquids of all kinds have been kept cold or hot when needed. Truly, all ingenious things are simple and at the same time incredibly effective. Finally, some boring technical info: the liquids keep their temperature for 24 hours (cold) and 12 hours (hot), the material is 18/8 stainless steel, the insulating lid can be doubled in size, turning it into a cup.

#4 Thermo Pot steel food container with magnetic spoon

If you want to keep your lunch or dinner warm, tasty and without the smell of plastic or other impurities on the road, choose steel containers with double vacuum walls. The Thermo Pot from Black+Blum is a good option. It can hold 500 ml of any brew and will keep its temperature for up to six hours. The whole thing is sealed with a cork lid with an insulator made of high-quality silicone and polypropylene. But the main feature that I liked about this container is the complete steel spoon that locks directly on the mug with a powerful magnet built in. The price is $57.

#5 Contigo SnapSeal travel thermos mug

The Contigo SnapSeal is the perfect travel option for all-purpose cookware. It’s actually a wide-mouth mug, but it’s also designed to be a thermos. Keeps food hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. Thanks to the wide neck you can not only drink, but you can also stuff food in it. You know, like, “Doshirak” or “Meavina” or whatever. Or you can make noodles on the train, for example. The mug is made of steel (with vacuum insulated walls), lightweight, compact – there are 600 ml and 470 ml models. Fits into all standard cup holders. Currently on sale with 66% discount.

#6 Stelton Vacuum Jug thermos jug

Forget plastic cups in the workplace and instant coffee! Don’t poison your body. Carry a supply of good-quality, natural bean coffee with you and enjoy every sip. Ah, you’re too embarrassed to take out your grandma’s Stanley thermos and pour a drink from it in front of your Nescafe 3-in-1 sucking colleagues? OK, then buy a stylish Stelton Vacuum Jug thermos jug and get a cool mug in the workplace. The accessory has a litre capacity, is made from quality ABS plastic and features a glass flask. Can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold throughout the day. Magnetic lid flips up automatically when you pour your liquid and comes back when you put the thermos in upright position. A simple but handy gadget.

#7 Thermos Element 5 with carabiner

The photocopier was named by Xerox, the felt-tip pen by Flo-Master and the thermos by Thermos. With the latter, you can say with confidence that you have the most authentic Thermos with a capital letter. The brand is registered in 115 countries worldwide and is being rebranded in Russia. It still has four official dealers, but how many tasty things in the range. The Element 5 range is built for adventurism, torrential downpours, snow avalanches, zombie invasions, after all. A rubberized base keeps the thermos in place on any surface, a carabiner attaches to the side straps of a backpack, and the lid is combined with a mug, all without the extra unnecessary wrap-around cap. Everything is very clever. Keeps warm for 6 hours, cold drinks stay really cold for 8 hours.

The fittings are inferior to the Zojirushi. While the classic models are more or less, the modern Element 5 has a rubber seal that keeps coming off and getting lost.

The 600 ml Direct Drink I bought three years ago for 4000 rubles at Sport-Marathon has a no-name Satoshi twin. Here’s a pruf from Fixprices. The price is 429 roubles… To say that I was sad is not to say anything.

The lid, too, opens on a rubber band that stretches after a few years and the design slaps your nose when you drink it.

If you want to save wildly, don’t buy the original Thermos. Look for Satoshi. It will be the same factory.

#8 Shotshell 20-Gauge in the shape of a shotgun cartridge

The Shotshell 20-Gauge thermos is not only cool looking, mimicking a 20 gauge shotgun cartridge, but it is also very well made. Inside holds 0.5 litres of liquid that will keep its temperature for up to 24 hours. A double-walled flask made of 18/8 grade stainless steel is responsible for the thermic qualities of the accessory. The internal plastic lid with flap button contains no harmful impurities, while the external one functions as a cup. A nylon pouch is also included.

#9 SunRocket Solar Kettle

Solar energy can be used not only to recharge gadgets, but also to boil water. In the latter case, a special SunRocket Solar Kettle accessory is required. It is a compact thermos and solar kettle with a capacity of 500 ml of liquid. Pour water, put it under the bright sun, and in an hour or an hour and a half you’ll have boiling water without electricity or a fire.

#10 Stanley Mountain Food System trekking kit

If you have the Stanley Mountain Food System in your pantry then you won’t have to worry about cups, thermos or kettle when you’re out camping or taking a short trip to the woods for mushrooms. This 18/8 stainless steel set takes the form of a classic thermos and includes a steel container to keep food and drinks hot or cold for up to 11 hours, a saucepan with a folding handle, a cup (lid for the set) and even a universal spoon. This accessory will take up minimal space in your backpack and allows you to have a good meal on the road, and even prepare something to eat right now or take with you on the way. Weight 450 grams and capacity 600 ml.

#11 Primus Trailbreak with double walls and a pair of lids

Primus is famous for its camping cookers and burners, and has even become a household name, like ‘Xerox’ or ‘felt-tip pen’. But in addition to cookers, it also produces other, equally high-quality camping accessories. The Primus Trailbreak is a hybrid of a bottle and a thermos. With its very compact dimensions, this one-litre bottle has double walls made of stainless steel and its lid (also with double walls) is used as a cup. This way, it will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for up to a day.

Moreover, the set includes two lids – the standard “unscrew, pour, screw in” type, and the second one with a valve. The last one is useful for those who like to drink directly from a bottle – press the button and drink quietly, press it one more time and you will not spill a drop. The bottle also has a handy shape with a tapered bottom to fit comfortably into the side pockets of backpacks.

#12 Corkcicle Vinnebago with triple walls

The double-walled Primus is not the limit. If you want a steel flask with thermos function, but are not satisfied with its shape and want something more interesting with the same functionality? Then check out the Corkcicle Vinnebago. With its 740ml capacity, it’s quite slim, so it fits into any backpack bottle pockets that are usually designed for half-liter capacities. In addition, the accessory is made of stainless steel and has triple walls. Therefore, the hero of the news keeps hot drinks up to 25 hours and cold drinks up to 12 hours, the same size as any other steel bottle of similar volume, which is equal to a good thermos. There is a choice of models in black, silver and steel.

#13 Half-litre Lole with twist-off lid

Canadian Lole specialises in apparel, and the bottle range is an OEM brand created to diversify the range. This form factor is very popular with wholesalers from Alibaba, who offer hundreds of colouring options and will put your logo on for a fee. Like Lole.

I suggest you save money to choose from the Chinese for 450 rubles. Just be aware that the paint comes off easily from contact with hard surfaces, as seen in the photo above. I got mine at Trial-Sport for 850 rubles.

The neck is wide enough to throw ice cubes inside. The strap attaches with a carabiner to the backpack, so it doesn’t fall out (or get stolen).

#14 Ikea Helsa

Over the years, the popular Ikea Helsa thermos hasn’t changed much. The lid, rubber gaskets, half-litre volume, 25 cm in height.

The only thing I don’t like is the open-close button, which you have to press with your finger. Maybe it’s a personal problem, but after public transport I don’t really want to stick my dirty hands in the traffic jam. I prefer the Zojirushi and Thermos hinged lids.

But having put aside the “cockroaches”, the thermos is working after 12 years. What will it do – the flask is made of steel. Only the appearance is not so good anymore.

To sum up. Virtually all thermoses are now available with an all-metal flask. They differ in shape, colours and fittings. The price range is so great that everyone can find one to their liking. Over the past five years the assortment of thermoses represented in Russia has grown by hundreds of times. And all thanks to China. For branded models, you should go to specialised sports shops.

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