TOP 5 Handgun Flashlights for Hunting

It is important to foresee everything before hunting. Along with weapons and ammunition, water and provisions, appropriate equipment, one must not forget a good flashlight. This is especially true of night hunting, which is loved by many hunters. The lantern not only allows you to better navigate in space, move over rough terrain, but also blinds prey. The rating of 2021 will help to highlight the best lantern for hunting at night.

Features of tactical flashlights

There are several basic types of hunting flashlights. It all depends on the goal you pursue, but tactical, hand-held and headlamps can be distinguished. Within the framework of this material, we will talk in more detail about tactical flashlights.

A tactical flashlight for night hunting is just that. The benefits of such a device are significantly higher than from a conventional night sight, the range of which is very limited. The underbarrel flashlight, in addition to the main light beam, has a side illumination, which serves for orientation on the terrain in the dark. These lights are battery operated and are quite compact.

More often tactical flashlights are called underbarrel and for good reason. The under-barrel mount allows the hunter to free his hands in order to aim and shoot as accurately as possible. As a rule, underbarrel lights have a remote button that allows you to control the switching on and off of the flashlight remotely. The underbarrel lights are used with green, blue, red and diffusion filters, which are suitable for different mining.

Important! The underbarrel lights are attached to the weapon using special brackets, which are purchased separately. They are selected depending on the type of gun and the size of the flashlight.

How to choose a flashlight for hunting

To select a good quality underbarrel flashlight, it is important to pay attention to several criteria:

  • remote button, which is responsible for the convenience of controlling the flashlight
  • weapon compatibility, easy attachment
  • structural reliability (ability to withstand recoil from weapons)
  • battery life, battery reliability.

When choosing a tactical flashlight, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of use and the features of the landscape. A smooth reflector, for example, gives the most concentrated beam, the range of which will be an excellent help in an impenetrable forest. A flashlight with a crumpled reflector, which has a rough structure, will be more convenient to use at medium distances, as well as in open areas.

Rating of the best handgun flashlights

Below we will consider a rating of the best underbarrel flashlights. They are distinguished by high quality and reliability. It is important to note that most of these hunting accessories cannot be too cheap. But on the other hand, these models are as easy to use as possible and allow you to fully enjoy the night hunting.

#1 Fenix ​​TK26R

The TK26R tactical flashlight is suitable not only for hunters, but also for tourists. It can also be used for exploration work. The luminous flux of powerful force corresponds to an indicator of 1500 lumens. The light beam can hit 350 m. A lithium-ion battery or two CR123A lithium batteries is used as a battery. It is possible to charge the battery using the USB Type-C connector. The model’s LEDs are capable of generating red and green light as well as cold white light.

The model has a choice of several modes of operation, which differ in the characteristics of the brightness of the light beam, operating time and range. The function of automatic memorizing mode has been implemented. This means that the next time the flashlight is turned on, the mode that was used before is set.

Control is carried out using three buttons. One is responsible for the choice of the mode, the other is the conclusion / off, and the third is for the choice of color. Each time you turn it on, you can see the battery charge indicator on the button, which allows you to track the need for recharging in time.

  • a lot of operating modes,
  • easy to use,
  • there is a strobe,
  • multi-colored diodes.
  • Customer Reviews

I liked the flashlight, it is large, comfortable in the hand, but at the same time, it is not bulky, does not strain to carry it. Colored diodes are excellent, both red and green are saturated, they shine well, quite far away. White light is gorgeous! The anodized aluminum body is very durable and is not afraid of dampness. The lantern came up to me.


Great lantern. Holds water perfectly. Has fallen repeatedly and everything is always fine. A working tool, very reliable and does not fail, at least for half a year of my active use. Convenient location of buttons at the end of the lamp.

#2 Bright Beam T8 “Hunter” v.2

Flashlight Bright beam T8 “Hunter” v2 is a convenient underbarrel flashlight equipped with a bright LED lamp. The light flux is 400 lumens. Among the advantages, it is important to note the shock-resistant case, as well as a comfortable handle and a remote on / off button. Also noteworthy is a bright LED and a mirrored reflector. A 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery is used as a cell, a full charge of which provides 2 hours of operation. Underbarrel flashlight The bright beam T8 “Hunter” v2 has two modes of operation. The set consists of a battery, a strap, a simple attachment with a hex key, silicone grease and a charger

  • quality of performance,
  • good range – 200 m,
  • good brightness.
  • Customer Reviews

Very bright. accurately beats a beam at 200 meters. well made, although the underbarrel in the campaign will be the very thing

#3 ArmyTek Predator v3 XP-L HI (white light)

A powerful flashlight for hunting ArmyTek Predator v3 XP-L HI is equipped with a smooth reclator and can give a narrow beam up to 437 m long. The maximum luminous flux characteristic is 1200 lumens. It is possible to attach this flashlight to any weapon without making it too heavy. In this regard, the model becomes ideal for long-term hunting. A hunting flashlight can easily withstand the recoil of a 12 gauge. It is found on sale with a mount for a smoothbore gun. The brightness of the flashlight decreases in steps when the battery is discharged. The model has impressive durability and reliability. Tests have shown that the model can easily withstand drops from 30 m. You can choose one of 6 modes of operation.

  • stepped light stabilization,
  • impressive strength and reliability,
  • good level of dust and water resistance.
  • batteries are not included.

#4 Uniel P-GL013-BB

The main advantages of the Uniel P-GL013-BB tactical flashlight for hunting are high reliability and durability, as well as durability. No wonder it is classified as a premium segment lighting fixtures. The unique optics generates an even beam, the light spot of which has softly exposed edges. The model provides intelligent brightness control: automatic adjustment responds to different conditions of use. The light intensity of the flashlight does not depend on the battery charge level. It is no exaggeration to say that this model is a successful combination of modern technology and quality.

  • good light at a distance of 50 m,
  • even beam,
  • wire of sufficient length.
  • in the cold the battery lasts only for an hour,
  • colored attachments do not adhere well to the mount.

50 meters the fire shines for 100 meters. Bateryki lasts for an hour in frost. Remote button heavy. Picatinny mount, but fit on the weaver rail. Enough wire, compact, smooth beam.

#5 Nitecore MT42 Hunting Kit

The MT42 Hunting Kit is equipped with a CREE XHP35 HD LED lamp with a maximum light output of 1800 lumens. It utilizes the so called “Precision Digital Optics” technology which ensures a good reflector efficiency. The light beam of this torchlight can cover a distance of up to 470m. There are 8 different operation modes available, characterised by different luminous flux, range and operation time. The maximum running time that the battery can provide is 530 hours.

  • good water resistance (immersion up to 2 m possible),
  • maximum range of more than 400 m,
  • bright, several operating modes.
  • Rather expensive.

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