Best Tactical Flashlights

What is a tactical flashlight, and how it can help out in a variety of situations, I learned while serving in the police. Literally from the first days of work, I realized that a good flashlight is often more important than weapons and special equipment. If only because there are no instructions, protocols and other restrictions for its use. These instructions are not available because light cannot inflict injury on a person, but you can protect yourself.

Best Tactical Flashlights

Main advantages

It is no coincidence that a flashlight is a must-have item for soldiers and police officers all over the world. However, it is available to civilians. So why not take advantage of the opportunity and purchase such a convenient item?

A good tactical flashlight is equally useful in the forest and in the urban jungle. Its light will help you navigate the terrain, identify danger in time and even protect yourself from an attack. If you need to find something in the dark, then without a flashlight it is an impossible task. With the help of light you can give signals and landmarks. Remember to always carry a charged torch with you when hiking or on night shifts.

A beam of light can be useful during the day: therefore, policemen wear flashlights on daytime watch. The bright light of tactical flashlights helps to blind and disorient the enemy. Many models have a special blinking function for more effective blinding of attackers.

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How to Pick a Good Tactical Flashlight

It is customary to call tactical flashlights developed for soldiers and other employees of power structures. They can be attached to a weapon or be an independent piece of equipment.
Such a product must necessarily be of high quality in order to perform its tasks in various extreme conditions.

Tactical flashlights differ from conventional flashlights in a number of characteristics:

  • Reliability and durability: the flashlight must work properly in all situations, withstand shock, falls from great heights, vibration.
  • Resistance to natural factors. A tactical lamp is not afraid of moisture, dust, temperature drops. Of course, the degree of its durability depends on the model and manufacturer.
  • The power of a tactical flashlight, even with a modest size, is much higher than that of a similar household one.
  • Convenience. The flashlight must be securely attached to weapons or ammunition. If necessary, it can be easily removed and quickly turned on. In situations that the military calls “workers,” a split second can save life.
  • The luminous flux should be distributed in such a way as to uniformly illuminate near and far objects.
  • Tactical flashlights last longer than conventional flashlights. At the same time, 80% of the working time, the quality of light does not decrease.
  • The modes of operation in many models allow you to choose the beam width and brightness of the light.

So, a tactical flashlight is a very reliable and almost indestructible thing. Therefore, they are willingly bought not only by the military, police and climbers. Even if you need a flashlight to illuminate a dark entrance, it is much more profitable to purchase a simple tactical model once than to constantly change cheap household ones. If the flashlight has the characteristics listed above, you can safely buy it.

Types of Tactical Flashlights

What groups can be divided into equipment of this type? First of all, there are two types, depending on the purpose. The underbarrel flashlight is part of the weapon kit. Such models are used mainly by soldiers and hunters. A separate piece of equipment. It can be quickly retrieved from a load or pouch to illuminate an object or blind an enemy, and is often used with pistols. It was they who became widespread among tourists, fishermen, emergency doctors, etc.

Quite a few flashlights are suitable both for independent carrying and for use with weapons. Mounts are stationary or removable, soft and rigid.
Soft rubber is rare. The hard ones confidently took the lead: most of them are metal, some are plastic.

Stationary models more reliably capture light. Detachable can be quickly detached to use the flashlight as a hand lamp. Different mounts are suitable for different types of weapons. Some of the bottoms are mounted on the barrel, others on the Picatinny rail. There are modern magnetic mounts: with this, you can remove the flashlight from the weapon in a matter of seconds.
Tactical flashlights can be classified according to the shock resistance class of dust and moisture protection in accordance with the international Ingress Protection Rating system. The degree of protection is indicated by the IP marking and two numbers. The first of them shows resistance to mechanical damage, the second – water resistance. The maximum possible class IP68 can stay under water at a depth of 1 m for up to half an hour.

The housings are made from an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. Anodizing is used against corrosion and scratches: it is of 3 classes.

Different models differ in the luminous flux power, which is measured in lumens. The operating time without recharging is also important.

Tactical flashlights are usually produced with lithium batteries or lithium-ion batteries. The latter are less resistant to low temperatures. It is very rare to find finger-type batteries.

When using a flashlight on a weapon, color filters play an important role:

  • Red improves visibility without losing night vision;
  • Blue is used for covert movement. These lights can be seen on the rifles of special forces soldiers.
  • Green is used by hunters. It is less recognizable by animals.

Which Brand is Better

Want to buy the best tactical flashlight? There are several manufacturers on the world market whose products look very decent and work great in extreme conditions. Market leaders include JETBeam and Klarus, which offer excellent quality at a relatively low price.

The final choice depends on what purpose you need a flashlight for, what tasks it faces. The best underbarrel flashlight for a sniper rifle is hardly necessary on a regular hike. And the best flashlight will not fit on a helmet. Therefore, before making a choice, it is worth deciding on the goals and objectives. This is exactly what the pros do!

TOP Tactical Flashlights

Best handheld tactical flashlight

#1 Klarus XT11X Extreme Illumination

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Small and powerful, it is capable of delivering up to 3200 lumens, illuminating objects up to 283 meters away. The baby is only 15.8 cm long and can do 170 hours without recharging. At maximum brightness, you can find a needle in a dark forest with it, although in this mode it only works for 45 minutes. High brightness mode will provide you with a decent 400 lumens light for 4 hours. In the most economical mode, you can illuminate the road for 82 hours.

The case is made of anodized aerospace alloy, tempered glass is almost impossible to break or scratch. Next to the glass, a raised stainless steel impact frame is a handy self-defense tool. Plus, the flashlight can be switched to blind or SOS mode with one touch.

Has the highest class of protection against moisture – will not suffer even when submerged under water.

It is convenient to hold the flashlight in your hand, attach it to your clothes, turn it on and off. The lock function will prevent it from accidentally turning on and draining the battery. The 18650 battery can be charged by micro USB.

  • Impact resistance;
  • Waterproof;
  • Compactness;
  • Power;
  • Good selection of modes.
  • Relatively high price;
  • The battery is sensitive to cold.

The Best Flashlight for Your Helmet

#2 Paisen

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Need a free hand? The Olight H1R Nova mini flashlight can be conveniently mounted on a helmet. It is attached to the side, above the ear, illuminating the space in the direction of view. Very convenient for cyclists, builders and cave climbers.

The manufacturer claims that the flashlight has a shelf life of 10 years. At a modest price, this is an excellent indicator. The body is made of aluminum alloy – a long service life is quite real. In addition to attaching to a helmet, there is a bracket for attaching to clothing, a belt system or equipment.

Best Waterproof Flashlight

#3 JetBeam TH15

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It can be submerged under water up to 2 meters. If dropped while fishing, there is a chance to get a working lamp from the bottom. Weighing only 100g, it has an aerodynamic aluminum alloy body, so it will safely survive falls and bumps.

From seven light modes, you can easily choose the right one: very bright, bright, medium, low medium, minimum, energy saving and flashing. Powered by a 2600mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery that is not afraid of the cold.

The LED will maintain bright light for a long time. When the charge is low, a special indicator will inform you about the need to recharge.

Thanks to its small size and embossed surface, the flashlight is comfortable to hold in your hand, even under a shower. Side bracket allows you to place it on clothes or equipment.

  • Water resistance;
  • Strength;
  • Good selection of lighting modes;
  • The battery is not afraid of cold.
  • Decent value

Best Tactical Rifle Flashlight

#4 Strong Light Tactics

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A small, powerful flashlight will provide good aiming and accurate shooting, even at long distances. It connects to the barrel of the gun with a special mount. There is a cord with a remote button. With it, you can turn on the light while aiming practically without moving your hand.

The body is made of aerodynamic aluminum alloy and is waterproof. The flashlight can be used in extreme conditions.

Multicolor light: this function is very important for under-barrel illumination. At the same time, the price of the equipment is very affordable.

  • Strength;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • Remote button;
  • Multicolor;
  • Low price.
  • Used only as a weapon attachment.


Is a tactical flashlight capable of disorienting during the day? A bright light, falling on the retina, blinds a person even during the day. Tactical flashlights are equipped with LEDs, so their light is brighter than a regular flashlight. They can disorient a person even on a sunny day. The effect will not be the same as at night. In the dark, even a dim light from a great distance is dazzling. During the day, to dazzle the beam of the flashlight, you need to direct it to your face. It is desirable that at the same time the maximum brightness mode was set.

Installing a tactical flashlight on a weapon For installation on a weapon, you can purchase a special underbarrel flashlight with a mount. Good models of this type are equipped with a cord with a remote start button. Do you want to put a pocket tactical flashlight on your weapon? It’s quite real. You just need to purchase a mount suitable for your weapon. There are universal models that are mounted on the Picatinny rail. The most comfortable and advanced mounts are magnetic. They can be put on or off in a couple of seconds.


A good tactical flashlight can be bought for quite reasonable money. If you want a versatile model with a wide range of lighting modes, this luxury comes at a premium. In any case, a high-quality tactical flashlight will last a long time, survive the vagaries of the weather, falls and cold. He can replace a whole box of conventional lanterns.

What makes flashlight tactical?

It is a special form designed with the need to act effectively in extreme situations and during self-defence. Unlike majority of torches for EDC in which there is a dimmed light mode for longer durability, tactical torches always have high brightness, strobe light mode, switch for instant activation, sharp corners and full impact edge. In addition, the emphasis is on ease of use, even at the cost of fewer modes.

Best Tactical Pocket Flashlights

We are going to tell you about some models of tactical torches worthy of your attention.

#1 Olight Warrior X Pro

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  • Maximum light output: 2250 lumens
  • Length: 14.9cm
  • Weight: 2Z9 grams
  • Features: 2A magnetic charging, IPX8 rating
  • Price: from $110

Olight is known for their revolutionary new approach to the very idea of a tactical torch. It is they have managed to noticeably improve the overall performance and add magnetic USB charging to a torch that is rugged enough for full tactical use. The light source is a CREE XHPZ5 LED, capable of sending 2250 lumens to a distance of 580 meters. Plus the aluminium housing, magnetic tail cap and aggressive design of the impact front plate.

Interesting features include a vibration mode indicating remaining battery life, a magnetic holder for mounting the torch on firearms, a handy clip and a shape that ensures a secure grip even with wet hands. P.S. If you need ammunition – we can advice online ammo store – AmmoFire – get 10% OFF discount with Promo-Code “Craftria”.

#2 Nitecore i4000R

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  • Maximum light output: 4400 lumens
  • Length: 15.9cm
  • Weight: 1Z5 grams
  • Features: IP68 rating, USB rechargeable
  • Price: from $120

Nitecore has earned its place among the popular manufacturers of torches for EDC due to the use of intelligent technology in the development of its products. This has introduced several additional useful modes and power levels. In this model, however, they have gone the way of simplification. The turbo and strobe modes are quick to activate and equally quick and easy to turn on. The flashlight is powered by 4 CREE XP-L2 V6 LED modules, each independently controlled for reliability and stability. The torch is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and recharged via USB. Plus it’s drop resistant from a height of 1m, water resistant and reverse polarity protection.

#3 Fenix TK26R

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  • Maximum light output: 1500 lumens
  • Length: 15cm
  • Weight: 157 grams
  • Features: USB rechargeable, IP68 rating
  • Price: from 120 USD

Products from Fenix are popular among fans of torches for EDC due to the large set of features for relatively little money. For example, this model not only produces a white light output of 1500 lumens, but it can also work in red and green light modes that do not interfere with vision adaptation to low light conditions. This is achieved by using two LEDs, Luminus SST40 for white and CREE XP-E2 for red and green. The unit is powered by a 18650 battery and comes with a pouch to make it easy to fit on your belt.

#4 Klarus Z60X3

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  • Maximum light output: Z200 lumens
  • Length: 15.3cm
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Features: IPX8 rating, micro USB charging
  • Price: from $80

Klarus products are actively used by law enforcement agencies in Asia, thanks to their combination of rugged construction, decent power and useful extras. Switching is done by a “tail ring” which allows one-touch activation of turbo and strobe modes. A side switch activates the other special modes. The light source is a CREE XHP70.2 LED and the torch itself is capable of working for 4 hours at maximum power.

#5 Streamlight 14975 Sidewinder Boot Light

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  • Maximum light output: 55 lumens
  • Length: 11cm
  • Weight: 99.9 grams
  • Features: Explosion proof polymer and polycarbonate construction, IPX7 rating
  • Price: from Z2

The Streamlight is a well known equipment supplier to the US military and law enforcement agencies. That’s why this model will work even in situations where others have long since broken down. The heavy duty rectangular polymer construction also provides decent water resistance. And the polycarbonate lens will work even after deliberate shocks to it. And although the light output is insignificant, just 55 lumens, but the torch will deliver 8 hours of light at maximum output and almost 90 hours at minimum output. It works on standard AA batteries. Plus, a red light filter can be included so as not to ruin your adaptation to darkness.

#6 Coast Polуsteel 600R

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  • Maximum light output: 5Z0 lumens
  • Length: 19.8cm
  • Weight: Z40 grams
  • Features: Drop resistant design, IPX8 rating
  • Price: from $26

Coast Portland is a fairly well-known company in the U.S., engaged in the manufacture of torches and other useful tools. Although this torch is not intended for military or police use, it is incredibly durable. It is said that it can be run over by a tank, but it will still work. This is achieved by using a strong stainless steel core surrounded by textured polyneylon. In short, it can safely be dropped from a height of three metres and submerged to a similar depth. The power is not too high, of course, but you can adjust the type of flashlight anyway. The torch works with either USB rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, or 4 AA batteries.

#7 Eagtac GЗv

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  • Maximum luminous flux: Z200 lumens
  • Length: 12.2 cm
  • Weight: 198 grams
  • Special features: rechargeable from standard USB port, neutral white LED
  • Price: from 65 USD

Based in Washington, DC, EAGTAC has been making tactical LED torches for EDCs for over 10 years. This model is a development of their past idea, the g25c2. It is equipped with CREE XHP70.2 LED module that is capable of producing Z200 lumens to a distance of 247 meters. Plus it has an additional aluminum reflector that makes it easy to find things (and threats) from long distances. There is no need to push buttons to switch between the different modes – a rotary switch works. A switch in the tail lets you switch the device on and off instantly, and the desired mode can be selected before it’s even switched on.

A double tap on the tail switch activates strobe mode. A USB charging option allows you to connect the device to the same pavebank that you use for your other electronic gadgets.


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  • Maximum luminous flux: 1047 lumens
  • Length: 11.7cm
  • Weight: 105 grams
  • Features: rechargeable via micro-USB, IPX8 rating
  • Price: from Z0 USD

WOWTAC specialises in making torches for everyday use for the general public and at affordable prices. However, this “tactical” model is slightly different from their usual products. Yes, it is still pocket-sized and its light output is not too big, but it can be sent up to 270 meters. Plus the ability to switch to diffused lighting. The casing is specially made anti-slip so that the torch can be easily placed on horizontal surfaces. A side charge indicator lets you see at a glance how long the device will last. At the same time it is robust enough to continue working even after direct use in self-defence.

#9 Sofirn BLF SPЗ6

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  • Maximum luminous flux: 5650 lumens
  • Length: 12.5 cm
  • Weight: 4Z6 grams (incl. extra batteries)
  • Special features: Advanced Andúril UI, recharging via USB
  • Price: from 70 USD

Sofirn is known for producing LED torches with monstrous levels of brightness but in a compact format. And if you need the maximum amount of light to solve your problems, this model will give it to you. This torch is capable of 5650 lumens at a distance of up to 50 meters. This is possible due to the use of 4 Samsung LHZ51D LED modules, producing a balanced 5000K CRI light. This light does not affect your perception of colours even if you use it as a spotlight. Yes, the lantern is somewhat more massive and heavier than most similar devices, but that’s the price of increased power.


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  • Maximum light output: 2000 lumens
  • Length: 12.2cm
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Features: OLED diode, IPX8 protection level
  • Price: from $55

This model was originally designed for police officers, so it’s lightweight and simple, but still packs a decent amount of power. It can send a concentrated light beam of 2000 lumens from a distance of up to Z60 meters. At the same time it has a fine-tuning focus, so the concentrated beam can be quickly turned into a diffused light. At the tail end there is a switch that allows you to change the brightness modes and activate two additional modes – strobe and help signal.